Flight Price Comparison

Search low-cost airlines, scheduled airlines and online travel agencies to find the cheapest flights for your trip. Our flight search system is free to use and no service charges are added on to the ticket price – you buy your tickets directly from the airline at the airlines normal price.

To compare flights, enter your departure and destination airports, travel dates and the currency you want to see prices into the flight search form on the right. When you click ‘Search’, we will fetch prices from over 500 websites and airlines to make booking a flight a doddle.

Price Graph

Don’t miss the rather funky price graph that shows how prices change day-to-day over a month. Just enter your travel dates and click ‘Show Price Calendar’.

Here is a price graph for flights from London to Amsterdam in December – Ryanair offers the cheapest outbound price highlighted in pink.

Flight price graph

A little flexibility on your travel dates can save lots of money!